ZeptoPad3.0 is a note & whiteboard application with which you can draw vector images.

In addition to handwriting, more drawing tools are in this version, such as rectangles, circles, arrows, and connectors. OpenGL is newly utilized for higher processing speed.
Also, your worksheet can be saved and classified in folders.

P2P (Share On P2P), the new feature of iPhone OS 3.0, enables you to share your worksheet with other ZeptoPad on iPhone without Wi-Fi access.
Slide Show mode is one of new features of ZeptoPad 3.0.
By the mode, your iPhone will transform into a Web server. Mac/PC can access it and display ZeptoPad's worksheet on the screen of them.
Furthermore, up to three worksheet can be manipulated at the same time by only one iPhone.
For more detail and how to use, please refer to our video clip.
2009/6/16 ZeptoPad 3.0 Release Announcement

ZeptoPad 3.0 supports worksheet sharing using Bluetooth connection as a new feature of iPhoneOS 3.0. Its improved graphic processing makes more fast rendering than the previous version.

It has completely advanced by adding number of new features, the Connector makes easily connected each objects and characters with a line, and SlideShow function enables displaying separated sheets in up to three screens.
ZeptoPad 3.0 is not only hand-written memo, but can also be used as Presentation tool.

2009/3/5 Apology and Information

Sorry for the inconvenience of ZeptoPad 2.0.1, but thanks a lot for your patience. Now, ZeptoPad 2.0.2 is available on AppStore! The hung-up bug was completely fixed, you can use it safely.

Again, sorry for inconvenience, we hope your continual love for ZeptoTools and our tools are useful and helpful for you. Also feel free to ask us if you notice something about our products.

Thank you.

2009/2/24 Apology and Information

We are now uploading fixed version of ZeptoPad 2.0. The new version will be available in 10 days (depend on approve by Apple).

Today, I am writing to apologize for the hung-up of iPhone and iPod touch caused by a function of ZeptoPad.
We have got a report that both Mac and iPod touch or iPhone were hung-up when restoring the large (more than 3MB) size file to ZeptoPad by PC connecting function.
In addition, it was caused partly because selecting non-origina file was possible as well as original one, and a large size date can be selected. If this handling was done, the same result would come.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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Example Uses

Use ZeptoPad to draw free hand mind maps - a powerful tool for brainstorming on your iPhone. You can drag elements around the canvas to organize your thoughts.

You can draw vector images in ZeptoPad. Choose from a huge range of colors and change the thickness of lines to perfect your creations.


Send your creations to your friends by email as an image file. If your friends also have ZeptoPad on their iPhone use the amazing "Shake & Share" feature to share files. Just press "Shake & Share" and then shake the two phones together and the file is magically transferred to your friend's phone.

External Access The screen which Zeptopad is working can be displayed. You can use it as a white-board in presentation or as any other materials.

Show Your Work on a PC or Projector

It's easy to show your ZeptoPad work on a nearby wireless PC. Connect your PC to a projector. Connect your PC to a projector and ZeptoPad is transformed into a powerful tool for meetings and presentations.

In addition to displaying the full iPhone display, you can also download your ZeptoPad files.
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Help See this to lern about ZeptoPad detaily.

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