Getting started

ZeptoPad is a vector-based handwritten note-taking application.

Operation Function
Drag your finger across the screen Draw a line
Drag two fingers across the screen Scroll through the worksheet
Pinch two fingers together or apart on the screen Shrink or expand the worksheet
Rotate two fingers on the screen Rotate the figure or character you chose
Tap an icon Do something

The icons arranged at the bottom of the screen allow you to perform the following actions.

Icon Function
Select color
Select pen size
Select Object
Display the editing tool
Cancel most recent change
Cancel the effect of UNDO
Display each setting menu(Preferences),
Taking a photo, and importing it to a worksheet(Take a Photo),
Display the menu and then add photo to worksheet (Import from photo),
save worksheet in Photo Library (Export to photo),
or send worksheet to another ZeptoPad via Wi-Fi (Shake&Share)

Tapping the Object Icon , then appear these icons.

Icon Function
Input a Text
Drawing a Retungle
Drawing a Circle
Drawing a Line
Set a connector to the object

The following icons appears by pushing EDIT icon

Icon Function
Bring to front Layer
Bring to back Layer
Cut the selected figure
Copy the selected figure
Paste the figure cut or copied
Grouping the selected object
Ungrouping the selected object

Generally, lines cannot be erased once they are drawn. However, by selecting the UNDO icon, it is possible to delete the most recently drawn line.

Due to iPhone memory limitations, this application will operate at very slow speeds when displaying a very large number of lines (aka paths). Due to this, a maximum of 4,096 paths can be written on each worksheet.

The icons arranged at the top of the screen allow you to perform the following actions.

Icon Function
Display Directory screen to view a list of worksheets
Change Not display the guide, Display the ruler type guide and Dispyay the grid type guide
Zoom out the drawn figure till whole figure is displayed
Switch to the mode to draw (pen mode)
Switch to the mode to select and move objects (selecting mode)
Display version number

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On the Directory screen, you can add new worksheets or view a list of the worksheets you have already drawn.
This is also where you can delete previously created worksheets.

Icon Function
Start Slide Show
New folder
Making a new folder
Add a new worksheet
The current version of this application allows for a maximum of 320 worksheets.
Holding down a thumbnail wishes to delete, then it start to wave and display Delete button. By tapping the delete button, confirmation screen will apear.
You can select delete or not the worksheet.
Please note that deleted worksheets can’t restore.

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Operation Function
Background Color Select teh background color from white or black, and blue.
Snap to Grid Select from two snapping behaviors, snap to grid or not.
External Access Permit an external access from PC, or not.
Password Setting up a password.
URL Device's access URL for PC

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Creating Tips


With ZeptoPad, you can smoothly expand or shrink entire worksheets or sections of worksheets as you draw.It might be a good idea to first minimize the worksheet so that you can sketch a quick outline. Then, expand particular areas as you see fit to create sections with higher levels of detail.


First, select the Object icon then make a figure.
Select the text icon and input free text.
You can freely change the text object in shape, moving with drag, expanding and shrinking by pinching, and even in colors and fonts.
It's convinient if you group the text and the figure together by Grouping
And connecting both of them by Connector By repeating this process, you can make a mindmap easily.

Think about Basketball strategy

By utilizing the various text features offered by ZeptoPad skillfully, you can turn this application into a very powerful tool.For example, let's imagine you are thinking about the strategy used in a basketball game.With capital letter Os representing the players, you can formulate tactics by moving these symbols around as if they were magnets on a whiteboard. And, to make the diagram even easier to understand, you can assign teams different colors and create a ball using a lower case o.

Build the Tower of Hanoi

The classic game "The Tower of Hanoi" can also be created utilizing ZeptoPad's text features.While there are surely more practical ways to use the application, this is to give you a glimpse of the many things ZeptoPad is capable of.

"The Tower of Hanoi" is a game where disks of varying sizes are stacked onto three towers.Thanks to ZeptoPad's movable text feature, strings of lower case 'o's connected together can be conveniently used for the game's disks.

The object of the game is to move all the disks from the far left tower over to the far right tower.In attempting to accomplish this, the player may not, however, place a larger disk on top of a smaller disk.This presents you with a challenging puzzle which should take a considerable amount of time to solve.

In this way, you can use ZeptoPad to create entertaining content. It's all up to you and your imagination.

How to copy and paste

Push EDIT icon and display the edit tool. Select or drag a drawn figure on the screen (at this point, you can rotate the figure with enlarging or reducing it with two finger, or move the figure by dragging it with one finger).
Push COPY icon and PASTE icon , then the figure is reproduced.

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Leveraging the Worksheet

Email a worksheet

First, tap on the MENU icon and select "Export to photo."This will send the worksheet to the Photo Library. Next, press the Home button on your iPhone (or iPod touch) to bring up the Photo Library and view the worksheet that has now been saved as photo.From here, you can attach the worksheet to an email and send it to someone.

Add a photo to a worksheet

First, tap on the MENU icon and select "Import from photo."After choosing a photo, it will be loaded onto the worksheet.Then, just as with text, you can change the photo's size or position.Due to iPhone memory limitations, however, the photo will not be added at its original resolution.

Send a worksheet

First, tap on the MENU icon of the ZeptoPad, which will send the worksheet and select "Shake&Share". Make sure the ZeptoPad, which will receive the worksheet, displays a blank worksheet.At this time, both iPhones (iPod touches) must also be connected to the same Wi-Fi access point.
When all preparations have been made, shake both iPhones up and down at the same time.To ensure the most reliable transmission, start shaking the iPhone receiving the worksheet a little before the other iPhone.

Taking and importing a photo

Tap the menu icon and select “Take a Photo”, then the screen to take photos is ready. To import the photos you took, tap “Use a photo”. To take another picture, tap“Again”. Photos imported to the screen can be dragged or resized.

Using the SlideShow Function

ZeptoPad can display separated sheets in up to three screens. If tapping the arrow button , Main screen switches next sheets in order.

There are three of MAIN, SUB1, SUB2 screens, and you can change each sheet by directly dragging from bottom.
And also you can change order in bottom line. *Please Note that it needs multiple connection by number of devices for displaying Sub screens.

Share on P2P

Share on P2P function enables worksheet sharing with the nearby iPhonr/iPod Touch. Choose a Share on P2P , then it automatically start searching the nearby iPhone/iPod Touch.
Select the device, and tap the send button.
*Please turn on Bluetooth discoverable.

Set up Realtime Session

Tap the menu icon , and select “Preferences”. Tap or slide “External Access” in “Preferences” dialogue to turn it ON. To set the password to access on the browser, enter the code in the blank of “Password”.
From PC, access the URL shown in “URL”.
You can refer the worksheet made by Zeptopad, or display the working screen in real-time.
*To use “External Access”, iPhone / iPod Touch and PC need the same LAN connection.

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Access from Mac/PC

By using for PC browsers, accessing URL in Preferences. For settings on iPhone / iPod Touch, please refer to the tip above.

On login

Enter the code if you have set the password in Preferences menu of Zeptopad. If not, just click login button.

On browser

Click the thumbnail on the right, and the screen show up in the browser on the left.

Icon Function
Switch to the browser screen
Switch to the real-time screen
Restore the “.bac” extension backup data to ZeptoPad.
The saving dialogue box shows up and ZeptoPad worksheet is saved in PC in “.bac” extension.
Saving dialogue box shows up and worksheet is saved in PC as pdf format.
Saving dialogue box shows up and worksheet is saved in PC as jpg format.

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On Realtime Screen

Real-time displaying the ZeptoPad working screen of iPhone / iPod Touch

Icon Function
Switch to full screen
Switch to normal screen (with iPhone frame)
Displaying Main screen
Displaying Sub1 screen
Displaying Sub2 screen

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Network construction and connecting

Under “System setting,” switch “On” the AirMac. Select “make new network,” set the network name you want to make and select “Automatic” channel.
Check that the network name is the one you made, Select the network with Wi-Fi connection in iPhone / iPod Touch setting, then you can connect to the same LAN as Mac.
*For Windows, one uses the same LAN connection as iPhone / iPod Touch.


To use "External Access", from the version 10.0 of Flash Player is needed.Please download the latest Player from here.
▶Download Here

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