Zeptopad takes full advantage of multi-touch screen feature.

With the application, you can draw lines freely like on a white-board, create mind-maps to quickly to jot down your ideas, and manipulate pictures or shapes as you like with multi-touch handling.

It will support everything from simple memos to complicated concept notes.

All features you need in one application perfectly suited to edit your ideas and create your presentation documents.

Simply by connecting a VGA cable to your iPad you can immediately present your ideas on a large-format screen

In addition, you can export your worksheet in JPEG, PDF, or PNG formats to your photo library, attach it to an email、and send it to EVERNOTE(TM).

Though it may appear difficult at first,once you try Zeptopad you’re sure to find it the best business partner you ever had.


Main features of the ZeptoPad Planner Note for iPad:

Smooth mind mapping

Generate figures with a point connector instantly. Smooth handling makes mind mapping even quicker and easier.

Full color support

The application supports full color for drawing. The user can select text, line, and figure colors from the palette menu and then further customize color gradation in editing.

Multi font face support

An expanded library of fonts makes it easy to design beautiful text images directly on your iPad.

Export Support

Zeptopad allows the user to export one's worksheet to iPad’s photo library, attach it to an email, and clip it on EVERNOTE. It allows you to save and develop your ideas in multiple environments.

Easy File Management in Directory

A list of your worksheets appears on the home screen of ZeptoPad. This directory feature allows you to freely change the order of the worksheets and mange them with folders.